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It’s Not Just Rockets Killing Jews: The Death of a Family

by Daniel E. Levenson, ALM
March 21, 2011

Last week a horrible act of terrorism was perpetrated in Israel, and seemingly few of the major outlets took notice. I am referring of course to the murder of an entire Jewish family – including a baby – by a terrorist in Israel. It was mentioned in the news, but amidst reports of Egypt’s revolution, the war in Libya and the earthquake in Japan (all terrible incidents worthy of coverage to be sure) this seemingly “smaller” tragedy seems to have slipped under the radar. After a few people mentioned this to me, I thought it was something I should write about, especially given that this kind of terrorism, done with a knife or a gun, frequently fails to capture the attention of the world media.


When there is a rocket attack it is comparatively bigger news, but the fact remains that there is a not-too-difficult to discern undercurrent in the American media, which is generally concerned with the lives of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, but shows little concern for the lives of Israelis, which as this incident demonstrates that they are under threat not only from suicide bombers (a phenomenon which the security barrier has done much to curtail) and rockets from Gaza, but from single individual terrorists and small groups acting on their own. During my eight months in Jerusalem in 2008 there were several such attacks which were covered in the English-language Israeli press, but did not garner much notice outside of Israel.


I know that these kinds of attacks happen, as does anyone who pays close attention to what is happening in Israel, but as one of the people with whom I discussed this pointed out, while the media did report this incident (you can find articles about it online on the websites for CNN, CBS News and others) there was practically no international outcry or expressions of sympathy and support for the victims of what was a particularly heinous act. Trying to draw moral equivalences between any two situations is often a dangerous enterprise, especially when it comes to something as politically and religiously charged as the Arab-Israeli conflict, so I will not do so here. I will however, draw your attention to this horrendous crime which took the lives of Udi Fogel, 37, Ruth Fogel, 36, as well as their three children: 10-year-old Yoav, four-year-old Elad, and three-month-old Hada, (may their names be for a blessing) and may the moral compass of the world not lead those outside of Israel to forget that Israelis, that Jews, are human beings too.



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