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The Features section of the New Vilna Review is where you can come to read interviews with some of the most interesting leaders in the American Jewish community and from Jewish communities around the globe, as well as essays by authors and scholars on a wide variety of Jewish themes. This section serves to highlight the diversity of opinions and ideas about Jewish identity to be found in Jewish communities.


A Place for Jewish History and Culture in the Pine Tree State: an Interview with Gary Berenson of the Maine Jewish Museum

May 10, 2011


Sebago Lake Jewish MuseumWhile Maine may not be the first place many people think of when considering Jewish cultural hotspots, there is in fact at least one very important Jewish place in Maine which is working to preserve, protect and share the legacy of Maine Jewry. In this interview, Maine Jewish Museum Executive Director Gary Berenson discusses what inspired the creation of this fascinating New England institution, and how it has helped to rejuvenate the surrounding Jewish community.
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An Interview with Daniel Elbaum, American Jewish Committee Regional Director in Chicago

May 9, 2011


Dan ElbaumRecently Daniel Elbaum, Regional Director for the American Jewish Committee in Chicago took some time to answer a few questions via email about the work of his organization which includes reaching out and forming connections to a diverse array of other communities and organizations. In this interview, Mr. Elbaum details some of the innovative programming his office is doing, including partnering with a wide variety of foreign consulates and cultural institutions and shares some of his own story and what led him to work for the AJC. 

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Tasting the Seasons

by Claire Rosenberg, Staff Writer

May 6, 2011


ClaireOne of the most important ways that many Jews connect to family and tradition is through food, In this new essay, new Vilna Review staff writer Claire Rosenberg explores the wide range of Jewish cuisine, and how she sees connections between different holidays and the foods she associates with them. From the Matzoh ball soup of Ahskenzic tradition to falafel and spicy Morrocan salads, Ms. Rosenberg covers a wide range of Jewish culinary history and tradition.
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An Evening of Remembrance, a Morning of Education

by Daniel E. Levenson, ALM
May 4, 2011


Boston 3G Board MembersFrozen Memorial Board 

For people whose lives have been impacted by the Holocaust, either by the deaths of family members or through the heart-wrenching tales of survival that have been passed down by grandparents or parents, Yom Hashoah (Holocaust remembrance Day) has a deeply personal resonance. In this new essay, New vilna Review publisher, Daniel E. Levenson, writes about the efforts of Boston 3G, a group of third generation Holocaust survivors, who have created a unique annual event which serves as a remembrance and a teachable moment.

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Bus 174

by Rebecca M. Ross

May 2, 2011


Rebecca RossIsrael can be a very tense place for both Jews and Arabs alike. In this new essay, author Rebecca M. Ross contemplates the ways in which decades of violence and anger have fostered a general climate of mutual distrust in Jerusalem. What makes this essay so engaging  and perhaps unique is the way in which she offers her readers a brief glimpse of hope in the shape of our common ability to recognize, at some level, the inherent humanity within each other.

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My First Patient

by Kenneth Kenigsberg 

April 29, 2011


In this thoughtful new essay, Dr. Kenneth Kenigsberg describes an episode in his own life, when as a young physician he formed an important bond with a Yiddish-speaking patient.

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Joseph and the Politics of Diaspora Judaism, Part 2

by Professor Aaron Koller, PhD
April 22, 2011


Aaron KollerIn the second part of this two-essay series, Professor Aaron Koller of Yeshiva University explores thematic links between the lives of several key "diaspora" figures in the Torah: Joseph, Esther and the prophet Daniel. In particular, he considers the ways in which the narrative of Joseph, as an Israelite living in Egypt, may have served as the inspiration for the author of the Book of Daniel.

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Art, Business and Philanthropy: an Interview with Art in Giving Founder, Eliane Markoff

April 19, 2011


Eliane MarkoffEliane Markoff, founder of the arts non-profit “Art in Giving,” recently took some time to answer a few questions via email for the New Vilna Review. In this interview she discusses what led to the creation of the organization, her own background in the arts and the deeply personal family connection to the important work she does as both an artist and a philanthropist.

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Joseph and the Politics of Diaspora Judaism, Part 1

By Professor Aaron Koller, PhD

April 16, 2011

Aaron KollerFor thousands of years the Jewish people have been sustained by telling and exploring the stories of our ancestors many of whom make us think deeply about not only the evolution of Jewish culture and tradition, but present us with a variety of moral and ethical questions to ponder. In this insightful new essay, Professor Aaron Koller of Yeshiva University considers the actions and decisions of two key figures in the Torah, Joseph and Moses, and how the experiences each had in Egypt helped to shape the course of their respective lives.

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If I am not for myself, who will be?  If I am not for Israel, Who Will Be?  And if not now, WHEN?

by Claire Rosenberg, Staff Writer

April 14, 2011


Claire RosenbergSince the founding of the modern State of Israel in 1948, Jews around the world have grappled with a whole new set of questions relating to community, identity and Zionism. In this new essay, New Vilna Review staff writer Claire Rosenberg explores this subject and discusses why she plans to make alyah as well as how she hopes to personally contribute to the improvement of the country as an Israeli citizen.
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Welcome to the New Vilna Review

*A Note From the Publisher - February 8, 2012*


Dear readers and contributors,

The New Vilna Review has been going through some changes the past few

months, and our focus has shifted to offering an expanded selection of

poetry, fiction and arts writing. We are once again accepting submissions,

and look forward to continuing to publish some of the most interesting and

thought provoking work in the world of Jewish arts and letters.

-Daniel E. Levenson

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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