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-Jake Marmer

March 24, 2012


directions were precise


(who else could spin your compass


like a roulette)


-and as you go


you may catch your reflection


in the mirror of filth


hanging on a nail of a rhyme


and on rhyme's authority


you might feel like a dog


running across the piano -


"into yourself" doesn't mean dig


in your past, less so


your present but these sounds


these reflections your people


will know each other by


they're the open letters


of your spinning inheritance



Jake Marmer merges poetry, music, and performance into philosophically potent mixtures such as existentialist dancehall, Talmudic jazz poetry, personalized bop apocalypse. He has performed extensively in New York and Jerusalem, with his band Frantic Turtle, Mima’amakim collective, and various hip downtown characters. More of his work is available at                      


Welcome to the New Vilna Review

*A Note From the Publisher - February 8, 2012*


Dear readers and contributors,

The New Vilna Review has been going through some changes the past few

months, and our focus has shifted to offering an expanded selection of

poetry, fiction and arts writing. We are once again accepting submissions,

and look forward to continuing to publish some of the most interesting and

thought provoking work in the world of Jewish arts and letters.

-Daniel E. Levenson

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

The New Vilna Review



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